Data Capture with Fiddler

  1. Download Fiddler, then install and run it
  2. Turn off 'Capture Traffic'
    Uncheck 'Capture Traffic' in the File menu
  3. From the Tools menu, open up the Fiddler Options
  4. Edit the HTTPS and Connections settings
    Capture HTTPS CONNECTs, Decrypt HTTPS traffic from non-browsers only Allow remote computers to connect, Act as system proxy on startup, Monitor all connections
  5. If you're asked about certificates, say No to their geekspeak
  6. Edit the filter settings for your convenience
    Recommended filter:\?action=(get_user_mails|clear_dungeon|play_gacha)
    Filters tab on the right, check 'Use Filters' and 'Show only if URL contains' and fill in the box
  7. Find the internal IP of the computer that's running Fiddler (you can use ipconfig)
    Find your IP with ipconfig
  8. On your mobile device, connect to the same wireless network that Fiddler is on and long-press, Modify Settings to include a proxy
    Show Advanced Options, Manual proxy
  9. After capturing data, select all web sessions and right-click to Copy
    Copy, Session
  10. Optional: Right-click on the selected sessions and Save > Selected Sessions > as Text for your own records
  11. Optional: Paste the sessions into a drops parser for a horribly simple table of your +eggs
  12. Optional: The get_user_mails session is actually your mail, which you can see with a mail viewer

Note: while you are connected to the proxy, most things that require HTTPS (anything google related, HTTPS sites in your browser, etc.) will fail. PAD is one of the rare things that keep working. You can turn off the proxy by setting Proxy to 'None'.